Seventh Annual Indoor-Outdoor Miniature Golf Benefit at our House
April 25, 1999

The calm before the storm: Our house on the morning of 4/25/99. Note the giant putter, a well-preserved keepsake from Cary Hammer and Nadine Browning's 1996 "Miniature Golfer"
Kas Neteler and Jennifer Dempster created "It Came From the Deep," a friendly-looking sea creature that took up residence on the deck.

Nadine Browning's "Golf Stream" took mini-golfers on a tour of three distinct environments: The forest (complete with fish-chomping grizzlies)... icy retreat where polar bears cavort on ice floes...

...and a more tropical locale, suitable for crocodiles. Or are those alligators?

A photographic extravaganza. Golfers formed teams, stuck their heads through Kate Godfrey's "Garden of Golf" canvas, and said "Cheese." Team names and slogans appear below each picture.

"A Golf Koan," by Joyce Hulbert evoked a Zen garden, and offered a peaceful interlude in an otherwise chaotic day.

Instead of putters, players used wooden rakes to gently nudge the ball along the rocks and into the cup. And remember, "The par comes from within."

Woody Woodman, Henry Kaiser (right), Kirk Steers and Steve Fox concocted "Woody Woodman's Golf Miniature Reality." First, teams of four are prepped and given a questionnaire to fill out...
...then they're ushered in a room, where they're greeted by Woody Woodman, both live, and on a monitor. They surrender their golf balls and watch as... on-screen Woody, in a film clip, plays an actual mini-golf hole (and does bizarre things with golf balls) on behalf of each team member and assigns each one a score.

Milo Hammer and Sam Fox get into the mini-golf spirit.

"Fourplay," by Robert Lauriston and Gail de Prosse, required the cooperation of a quartet.

Cows, sheep, ducks, skeletons, pots, and assorted oddities formed a challenging obstacle course.

Ken and Ann Katz, Charlie Haas, B.K. Moran, and Keith and Karen Savell created a mise en scene they called "Aloha Hola." Among other distinctions, it is also the Crawfox Mini-Golf's first and only palindromic golf hole.

With a par listed as "1 or else," "Aloha Hola" demanded accurate putting if the Hawaiian volcano gods were to be appeased.

Tessa, Nina and Sharon Rudnick, along with Sara Levine, took over an entire bedroom with "Sixteen Candles," a sweet-sixteen-based hole that won 1999's Best Hole Award.

"Sixteen Candles" was a study in pink. Here, Nina prays in front of the "Gallery of Non-Threatening Boys."

In "MUNI Golf" by Mimi Heft, a menagerie of classic city characters -- bike messengers, hippies, a businessman yakking on his cell -- are obstacles along the San Francisco Municipal Railway line.

Players got bonus points for hitting pedestrians, which is apparently the way real-live MUNI drivers operate as well.

Veteran Crawfox Mini-Golf designer Melissa Riofrio, though living in Germany, shipped "Ich ♥ Munich" all the way to San Francisco for the tournament. That's Melissa's brother, Louis, who set up the hole for his sister.

Imported beer, sausage, and liederhosen, all folded up neatly and reassembled 5900 miles from its birthplace: What else could you want from a golf hole?

Robert Forster looks ready to eat Leslie's mini-golf cake. As always, the sand trap is fashioned from brown sugar.

The official invitation to the Seventh Annual Indoor-Outdoor Miniature Golf Benefit at Our House. The beneficiary was Big Brothers/Big Sisters of San Francisco and the Peninsula.

The scorecard.

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