Sixth Annual Indoor-Outdoor Miniature Golf Benefit at our House
May 17, 1998

The MazeMelissa Riofrio and Sami Iwata's four-person "Tilt 'n Turf," a real crowd-pleaser, was a giant-size version of those old marble tilt-maze games.
another triumph for good taste The winning "Monica's Revenge" hole, by Robert Kanes and Bud Peen. Golfers were required to wear a beret and don kneepads before teeing off.
open wideAfter traveling up the ramp and through the President's shorts, the ball ended up in one of three mouths.

el nino upstairs "Blame It on El Niño," by Kirk Steers, Leslie Crawford, and Steve Fox, started upstairs. Players had to navigate the treacherous mudslides before putting into a tube in the wall.
el nino downstairs The continuation of El Niño, one flight down, featured a tornado, gusty winds, swirling mist (from dry ice), and flying livestock.
Gerry and Jesse Lax constructed "Skeet!" an old-fashioned Ski Ball game, reimagined for golf balls.
the reigning champs Peen and Kanes celebrate their first ever Best Hole Design victory.
Eden Kate Godfrey's Biblical "Snake in One" was both a bold fashion statement and a one-of-a-kind mini-golf design. The hole is in the snake's mouth.
nature Judit Miller's "Nature vs. Nurture" posed a classic question about child rearing and development. Your first stroke was meant to reflect your opinion on the matter.
Yes, we're exhausted What would a mini-golf course be without a windmill? For that matter, what would San Francisco be without the Transamerica Tower?
Tiger Max Barr, as Tiger Woods, copped the coveted Best-Dressed Award
humanity "Golf Holes for Humanity," by the Browning-Hammer clan. Did you know that there are families who can't afford their own mini-golf holes? Now you can help, by building one out of these spare parts.
As night falls, the "Beyond the Screen Door" team members relax by their creation, a celebration of white trash. The urinal, for instance, was filled with crushed ice and cheap cans of beer.
Kas introduces one-and-a-half-year-old Sam to the wonders of trash culture
a crawfox production The invitation. The official name this year: The Sixth Annual Indoor-Outdoor Mini-Golf Benefit at Our House
Two young duffers, Sam Fox and Milo Hammer, all duded up for a stylish afternoon of mini-golf
a crawfox production The scorecard.
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