Fifth Annual Indoor-Outdoor Miniature Golf Benefit at our House
April 20, 1997

Mimi Heft's "Oy, Vegas" managed to combine roulette and mini-golf.
Toe jam Clinton advisor Dick Morris made headlines with his toe-sucking fetish; he also inspired Gene Heller's to create the "Dick Morris Memorial Wagging Tongue Hole."
Bud Peen's "Cult-o-Matic: Piety Tester" was an old-style arcade game that invoked the Heaven's Gate suicide cult.
Kate Godfrey shares the stage with her creation, "Mooooore Coffee, Honey"
The Astroturf dress and lightbulbs in the eyes were a particularly nice touch.
Kas Neteler and Annika Dukes rolled out "Boot Camp" -- part mini-golf hole, part live theater.
The Boot Camp crew, equipped with walkie-talkies, ordered the "recruits" around, making them suit up in appropriate gear and forge their way through hostile terrain.
TRecruits who made it through the gauntlet had the opportunity to make par and finish their basic training.
? Leslie Crawford and Steve Fox constructed "Body of Evidence," a multi-floor endeavor that bears more than a passing resemblance to the game Clue. The game is afoot, and you must locate...
...Jules Castlebury, Third Earl of Dinglebury-Hampfordshire, who has mysteriously disappeared. While putting through the Earl's mansion, you encounter various incriminating documents.
To solve the mystery, you putt into a secret passageway, which leads through a wall, down a tube to the first floor, and ultimately into the backyard, where you discover...
... the good Earl himself, or at least his remains, in a shallow grave. Good job, Inspector, but perhaps it would be wise if you weren't seen at the scene of the crime.
Peter and James Cury's grand-prize winner, "Daredevil Drive," was tiny: you viewed the Evel Knievel-style motorcycle jump through mounted binoculars and played using a miniature putter and golfball.
"Escape from San Francisco," by Joe, Anne, Chris and Kate Kandra, brought back vivid memories of the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989.
To simulate a magnitude 6.9 temblor, the Kandras installed the structure atop a high-powered motor, which kept the cityscape shaking. Mayor Willie Brown, however, seems unperturbed.
Melissa Riofrio and Sami Iwata's "Comet Hale-Bopp," an exquisite golf-ball-in-space installation, was lit in black light. Unfortunately, that means it was nearly impossible to photograph.
"Comet Hale-Bopp": a extraterrestrial par 2.
Cary Hammer and Nadine Browning's "Ask the Crawfox" merged mini-golf and soothsaying. First, you asked a question, say "Will I find love," or "Where are my keys?"...
...Then you putted seven balls into a board with holes marked 0 though 9. That triggered an autodialer, which dialed whatever phone number you've just putted.
When someone answered the phone, the Crawfox (who, admittedly looks kinda like Spuds McKenzie) repeated the question. A human assistant oracle interpreted the response.
The "Parent Trap," by Dan Tynan and Christina Wood, featured every manner of disgusting fluid, all reminiscent of sundry infant excretia. The couple's infant son Cole was listed as "technical consultant."
Parenthood can be disgusting, as "The Parent Trap" illustrates. But guests Diane Nishimura and her daughter have clearly gotten past the messy stage years ago.
Crawfox Mini-Golf veteran Mark Appel (right) teamed with Mike Lagomarsino to create "Ex-Squeeeeze Me!" -- inspired by the movie Anaconda.
The "Ex-Squeeeeze Me!" serpent included the requisite forked tongue and a long, sinuous body. Note: This is a live action shot. Check out the ball entering the beast's gaping yaw.
The Brothers Cury rejoice as Steve awards them the trophy for best hole design -- a particularly impressive feat given that they are Crawfox Mini-Golf rookies.
The tradition continues: Leslie's garish green (but quite delicious) mini-golf cake, proferred here by Jorge Columbo.
Kristen Bruno and John Hlinko show off their mini-golf style
The invitation. The official name: Fifth Annual Indoor-Outdoor Miniature Golf Benefit at Our House
Here's the scorecard.
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