The Third Annual St. Valentine's Day Invitational Miniature Golf Benefit at Our House
February 12, 1995

Annette Goodfriend, Dan Tynan, and Christina Wood's "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Lewis Carroll fans appreciated the Cheshire Cat, the teacups, and the par: "10/6"
"Love in the Seventies," by Anne and Mike Desmond and Anne and Joe Kandra, forced mini-golfers to make some hard choices early.
The first part of the hole played out on a mattress and featured a "panty trap." Part II, on the floor, included "The Jelly Trap, "Diaphragm Ditch," and "Latex Lament."

Mark Appel's "Mars Needs Golfballs." Yes, that's a naked Barbie strapped to an old Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

Leslie Crawford and Steve Fox's Lilliputt-Putt, a Rube Goldberg-inspired creation
Having navigated the windmill, Leslie's prepares to finish out the difficult par three.
Chandler Crawford essays a putt from atop the stairs. First stop: through the castle entryway and down the xylophone.
Cary Hammer and Nadine Browning's tournament-winning "Dealey Plaza" established a new standard for tasteless brilliance. Mini-golf would never be the same.
After teeing off from either the Book Depository or the Grassy Knoll, the ball had to travel through JFK's head, make a sharp turn, and end up in the cup -- in John Connoly's shoulder. It had to be done in one shot, of course.
Swati Rao, Susan Fry and Rick Overton's genre-crossing "Twist or Die"
A two-person putting-and-contorting game, "Twist or Die" put a new twist on an old game.
Jeane and Bob Hyppio and Karen Kraft took to the air (through a tube and out the back window) with "Baby Boom"
Flying golf balls made for an interesting hazard for anyone hanging out in the backyard. It also got us to institute a new rule for 1996: No free flying projectiles.
John Loose and Claire Curtin drew their inspiration from Mother Nature with the "Great Flood of '92." Note the fallen telephone poles.
The first appearance of what would become a yearly tradition: The mini-golf cake.
We know this hole was called "Spanking the Monkey," and we know it was a part of the 1995 extravaganza. But we can't seem to remember who designed it.
The Crawfox made its first appearance in 1995. We market-tested the Foxcraw (head of a crawfish, tail of a fox), but focus group members were horrified by the creature.
The invitation. The official name: The Third Annual St. Valentine's Day Invitational Miniature Golf Benefit at Our House.
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