The Second Annual St. Valentine's Day Invitational Miniature Golf Party at Our House
February 13, 1994

Robert Lauriston's surreal "Green Acres": part pinball, part house of wax
Ann Kandra prepares to putt into the "Burrito of Doom." The "Hole From Hell" looms in the background.
Creators Dan Tynan and Christina Wood stand guard over the "Burrito of Doom." Not shown: The deadly salsa trap.

Steve Fox and Leslie Crawford trotted out their old black light to create the interstellar "Black Hole," with appropriate Sun Ra soundtrack.
Cary Hammer and Nadine Browning's "History of the Universe" included a loop-de-loop and radio-controlled tractor.
The biggest challenge: Navigating the live goldfish while putting up the ramp and out of the water trap.
Mark Appel's dramatic "Hole From Hell" featured a full roster of ghoulish creatures.
Leslie Crawford and Steve Fox's "Mini-Golf": an absolutely conventional golf hole, with trees, sand and water traps ... but in miniature.
Pinky's Paradise, by John Forster, drew its inspiration from the game of hopscotch.
Les Stickles' "Potty Training" somehow managed to combine Shaq and toilet training.
Gary Kamiya's "Tonya and Jeff's Getaway": a ripped-from-the-headlines homage to Tonya Harding and her kneecapping husband.
That's Betty Boop standing in for Tonya.
Annette Goodfriend's tubular construction (its offical name has been lost) was attached to a powerful vaccum, which sucked flying golfballs into its multiple cardboard tubes. The ramp is not shown.
We can't recall who devised this down-the-staircase creation, but evidence -- including this photo of Mike Desmond playing through -- proves that it did exist.
At least one hole (not pictured) sent golf balls flying out the back window and into the backyard, hence this warning sign.
The tournament-winning hole (aaargh... we can't find any photos) was John Loose and Claire Curtin's "MIDI-Golf." Whenever a golf ball hit a bumper, it triggered an electronic sound.
The official invitation. Back then, the event was called the Second Annual St. Valentine's Day Indoor Mini-Golf Tournament at our House.
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