The 11th Not Quite Annual Crawfox Mini-Golf Benefit
May 7, 2006

Spiffy new banner announces the event, confuses neighbors
Golfopoly, from Putter Bros (Steve Fox, Leslie Crawford, Sam Fox, Eric Knorr, and Jean Teerlink).
Live action shot, as we roll the dice

Needless to say, both the houses and hotels double as windmills.
Rent $28? Obviously not a San Francisco property.
Putt into the wall upstairs, and it comes out downstairs, in "Free Putting"
Our first three-floor hole: Putt into a tube upstairs (in the wall) and emerge downstairs in the "Country Club Jail." Take a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and putt into another tube that finishes in the basement.
TRachel Levin's conceptual "Two in One": cross your eyes, until a third hole appears. Par is "20-20."
? Eric Dahl and Erik Larkin offer the golfer alternate paths to baseball stardom in "Bonds, Balco, and the Babe"
If you choose the first path, spin the wheel...
Or take the long route to the stadium.
A solid swat propels your ball into "Your Name Here Stadium" and maybe even clears the fences for homerun #715.
No steroids for this golfer.
The route to the stadium invariably takes you past South San Francisco ("The Ugly Sign City").
Stephanie and Sean McLoughlin's "Have Your Cake and Play It Through"--our first entirely edible golf hole.
Wrapped milk chocolate balls stand in for golf balls.
To get a hole in one, the ball needs to land in a cupcake at the bottom of the ramp. Cupcake placement is key.
Par was 130 calories.
An intent golfer plays through.
Veteran designers Jennifer Dempster, Annika Dukes, and Kas Neteler offered up a majestic "March of the Penguins."
Yes, there was dry ice involved.
A shimmering lake, plus a polar bear.
The blue Astroturf is a nice touch.
Two penguins in repose.
Penguins, penguins everywhere.
"You Decide" by "The American People" (in reality, Crawfox mini-golf design vet John Forster). Musical accompaniment: A tape loop of "I'm the Decider (Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo)"
The decision? Should Rummy stay, as determined by where the ball ends up. Here, a young decisionmaker prepares to launch the golfball up the tube.
A loop-de-loop -- a mini-golf classic -- starts the "Descent After Victory" in this live-action shot.
The "Leap of Faith." Note the ball in mid-air, about to go into the "decision box."
The ball lands in "No." Rumsfield is history.
"Get Outta Gitmo," from Henry Cordes, Wesley Sparagon, Colin Duwe, Hilary Duwe, Betsy Cordes, Chuck Cordes, and Bart Sparagon
Handcuffs are mandatory for all prisoners... is a handsome orange jumpsuit.
Sasha Fisher and Johanna Kanes -- manacled -- plot their escape from the island.
Fortunately, this prison has a US Army-approved regulation mini-golf windmill.
A perfect putt, up the ramp and into the waiting boat, offers the only way to get outta Gitmo. And of course, it must be done while wearing handcufffs.
Minier Mini-Golf," from Shari Weiser
A complete, and exceedingly small, mini-golf course -- nine holes, no waiting.
Par was listed as .000003
Creator Shari, with husband Lee, admire the well-manicured course.
Miniature trapeze artists provide a challenging obstacle.
A Crawfox tradition: The mini-golf cake, created by Leslie Crawford.
"Who Golfed First -- The Chicken or the Egg?" from long-time Crawfox Mini-Golf designer Melissa Riofrio.
The original art tells the story.
Out of the proverbial frying pan.
The fox in the henhouse.
"11th Not Quite Annual Putter County Spelling Bee," from Max, Margaret and Chris Barr
Chris grills the contestants. How do you spell "sesquipedalian"?
The Barrs scored big points with their first-ever Crawfox mini-golf creation, as "Putter County" proved to be a crowd pleaser.
Who knew putting and spelling would go so well together?
"Cheney's Dream," from Steve Fox, Henry Kaiser, Ken Richards, Sharon Rudnick, and Kirk Steers
The Vice President falls into a deep sleep and goes quail hunting, but ends up shooting Condy...
... or Rummy...
... or Osama, or W, or Dan Quayle (close, at least phonetically), or Whittington (the guy he actually shot).
From left: Ken, Henry, Jason Wechter, and Kirk demonstrate the true power of free speech.
The bottle of Scotch may explain Dick's erratic aim.
"Cheney's Dream" won the coveted Best Hole award. It was Sharon Rudnick's second triumph (1999's "Sixteen Candles") and the first win for the rest of the crew.
Crawfox Mini-Golf 2006 was a benefit for the Friends of the Urban Forest ( Here FUF's Executive Director Kelly Quirke (kneeling) works the front table.
Stephanie and Sean McLoughlin try out a classic oldie from the Crawfox "Hole of Fame" collection, Melissa Riofrio and Sami Iwata's 1998 "Tilt 'n Turf."
The awards ceremony, with prizes awarded for best hole and best dressed.
Charlie Haas and B.K. Moran won the Best Dressed award.
The official Crawfox Mini-Golf 2006 scorecard.
The Best Hole award rests on Cheney's featherbed.
Sam Fox's original illustration graced the cover of the 2006 Mini-Golf invitation and trumpeted the event on
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