Eighth Annual Mini-Golf Benefit at our House
May 21, 2000

Tire tracksRobert Kanes and Bud Peen snag their second "Best Hole" award with "Elian's Dilemma," a mini-golfers' referendum on whether young Elian should stay in the US or return to Cuba

Vote with your balls For Elian's Dilemma, players swung in a tire, above a roiling sea, and attempted to throw a golf ball into an appropriate containers (Fidel, Janet Reno, Elian's Uncle, etc.) to register their opinion.
Got Milk"In Got Milk," players started upstairs, working their way past giant PB&J sandwiches, cookies and other snacks, eventually putting through the wall and...

Imagine the size of the cow ...landing downstair, in a giant carton of milk, as created by designers Leslie Crawford, Steve Fox, and 2-1/2-year-old Sam.
Tinny and Tiny Kate Godfrey's perfect miniature, Tin Cup, came with its own tiny golf balls and miniature golf umbrella.
I can't hear you Fan favorite "Vincent Van Golf," from Mimi Heft and Paul Maverides. The painting is two-dimensional, but the sculptured ear juts out from the canvas, making for a tough par 2.
Golf brain "This Is Your Brain on Mini-Golf," by Colin Duwe, Steve Fox, Henry Kaiser, and Kirk Steers, asked subjects to participate in an "experiment": Don video goggles and, viewing yourself on camera, putt a ball up a ramp. Note the consent form.
Lost in space "Mission Control," by Cary Hammer and Nadine Browning, was a cooperative challenge for a four-person team. Teammates used video cameras, monitors, a walkie-talkie, and other tools to help the fourth (blindfolded) team member locate and putt the ball into the cup.
Schwing! Kevin Thatcher's "Schwing Thrasher": Who knew that two hoses, placed together and stretched out, make a perfect mini-golf rampway?
Jaws Meredith Tromble's "Creature" swallowed all that dared to putt by.
balls away! Drop Zone, by Annika Dukes and Kas Neteler, starts on the deck, as balls are placed in parachutes...
safe landing ...and gently dropped to the surface below. The wind made for fun navigation, and many a bogey.
Invitation The official invitation.
Scorecard The official scorecard.
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